Michelle’s passion is sharing her knowledge of bee husbandry, bee lifecycle, pollination and honey. She manages two apiaries in Toronto and is always looking for new locations. She’s a swarm whisperer and can be found catching honeybee swarms in the spring. As a retired chef she also leads honey tastings to appreciate local and international varietal honeys. She is currently enrolled in the Master Beekeeper program at Cornell University. When available she sells her raw, unfiltered honey. If you’re thinking of hosting a hive on your property Michelle can do a site inspection to see if your property is a good fit. She is a board member of the Ontario Beekeeper’s Association, the chair of the  Urban Toronto Beekeeper’s Association, and also works with Fred Davis of Toronto Honey.

Michelle also runs a mobile honey extraction service Honey Where Are You

“Re-imagine linear time. A bee lives for a few weeks, or months. Each generation builds comb for larvae they will never see grown, stores food for siblings they will never meet, prepares the hive for a winter they will never know.” Susan Cormier.

Professional chef and Nutrition Manager (member CSNM) with experience in large quantity foodservice operation as well as recipe development and HACCP recipe writing. As a Nutrition Manager, Michelle takes nutrition requirements and turns them into meal plans with recipes. She’s especially fond of Toronto’s eclectic and ethnic cuisine and shares her recipes through her blog.