I met Michelle via the farmers’ market, she offered to cook in our outdoor kitchen. She is a dynamo in the multitasking arena of cooking, prepping, chatting, teaching, doing a million things at once and yet still presenting a good looking, healthy dish with a smile on her face. She gets the job DONE, she makes everyone feel welcome and included and she lives in the Beach, and the kicker is that she shows up to the market with her entire kitchen via bike trailer!!!!

Susan Molinolo

Hi Michelle,
Just wanted you know that the dinner last night was absolutely delicious!   I’ve always known that you are an amazing chef!  Healthy, fresh, tasty food.  How nice to experience your culinary talent, once again.


Thanks Michelle – Kassidy learned a lot and had a really good time! (Culinary Exploration Camp)


On behalf of the Sunday Mixed league at Richmond Hill, thank you very much for the wonderful meal! We look forward to having you cook for us in the future!

Terri B.

You really did something special for our school.  Everyone loved it!  Cooking with Michelle was a memorable experience!
All the best,

Steve, Oraynu Congregation , Toronto

Dear Michelle,

Thank you so much for the beautiful Kiddush you prepared for my son’s Bar Mitzvah last weekend.  Your colleague Cheryl did a fantastic job with everything.  Our guests and the shul’s regulars loved the food.  I even managed to get a blintz, which was yum.

Thank you for taking care of everything so that I could enjoy my day…which I did…in spades.


Michelle Long

Once again, Ricky and I really wanted to thank you for an incredible meal last night. It was such a pleasure to have you and Cheryl in the kitchen – the food was delicious, everyone ate every last morsel and loved it, and the interactive part was great, I think everyone interacted as much as they wanted to and truly enjoyed learning. For us, it was the perfect mix.
Thanks again,

Lisa, Toronto

The curried fish was amazing!
Everything was delicious & I hope to be placing another order soon.
Thanks once again for getting us into your busy schedule.
Keep well,

Kari, Toronto

We all thank you for a really memorable evening. The food was delicious and the instruction excellent while delivered in a relaxed, east-to-understand style. Thanks very much,

Julia H. Toronto

Thank you again for everything you did on Saturday night. Your seamless presence, your informative lesson, and most of all, your INCREDIBLE FOOD all helped to make our friend’s 40th birthday party a truly special, memorable occasion. We couldn’t say enough about how delicious everything was, and the fact that the kitchen was spotless afterward was a lovely bonus!

I, for one, will definitely be recommending you to friends, and hope to hire you again for future events.

Jennifer, Toronto

Hi Michelle,
Thank you for the most mouth-watering meals I have ever eaten….I will never say the Dr. B diet is not appetizing ever again! Every meal was a treat and the ease of preparation made it so easy to stick to my diet.

Anne J. Toronto

Thank you!
The food was incredible.You and the staff were so professional. I have never been so relaxed while hosting a party.
Thank you again.

Lindsay M., Toronto

Thankyou. They were thrilled with their (10 meal service) gift. She said, not only did we save their bellies, but saved their marriage.


Michelle: “Awesome” doesn’t even begin to describe your work on Saturday night! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve had so many people call me since Saturday night — with their conversations starting with your menu!

G. Aller Stead, Toronto

Michelle provided a wealth of vegetarian dishes for us, drawing on a great variety of ethnic cuisines and ingredients. All her dishes were well-prepared and a pleasure to eat. Standouts include the spinach dahl, Cajun skillet beans, Mardi Gras red bean stew, pasta e fagioli, and lentil loaf. Her savoury biscuits and breads were always light and flavourful–a welcome treat.

Service was always cheerful, prompt, and accommodating to our schedule. I would unhesitatingly recommend Chef de Maison.

Jo Parker

Thank you for your major contribution to my dinner party (approx. 99.9%). Everything was a huge hit!

M. Clayton Jones, Toronto

Delicious, beautiful! Thanks so much for the lovely desserts — everyone raved about the food at the wedding, so be proud!

K. Milo, Toronto

Michelle, thanks for a great evening of fine food, expert advice and cheerful company!!

B. Sketchley, Toronto