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Tomato Paste Rolls

When you need only one or two tablespoons of tomato paste, what do you do with the rest of the can? We make rolls of tomato paste on cling wrap. Store the rolls in the freezer and then slice off a tablespoon or two when you need it!  

Baked French Fries Lesson

Baked French Fries Lesson This is a technique more than a recipe.                 Yukon Gold Potatoes Favourite Oil Salt and Pepper Parchment Paper for easy clean up Cut your potatoes into french fry shaped pieces. In a large...

Shabbat Dinner

Shabbat dinner. Four courses of Jewish favourites. Baked gefilte fish with beet horseradish, chicken soup, paprika and garlic roasted chicken with latkes, broccoli and lemon glazed carrots finished with tea and apple cake. I wanted to include a recipe but I can't...

Challah Bake Along for The Shabbat Project Toronto

I will be organizing a Challah Bake Along for The Shabbat Project Toronto. I'll supply the recipe in advance and together we can go through the steps to fill our homes with the awesome aroma of home made bread. Let's bake together! Share this post and join in the fun...

Apple picking with www.notfarfromthetree.org

Wednesday I went apple picking with www.notfarfromthetree.org The apples weren't very juicy, sweet or ripe so I decided to make jelly with them. After cooking the apples for around one hour (way longer than the usual 30 minutes) the apples started to scorch a bit. So,...